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Has it Sprung?

   As I sit here just over a week after the end of one of the more thrilling Super Bowls in history, the continuation of another tough winter in our beautiful little hamlet is starting to wear a bit thin.  While I am a believer in karma, one friend has said to the point of almost being superstitious at times, I dare say that while cold, the winter of 2014-2015 has not been as bad as last year's nightmare.  

   Of course I probably just jinxed the next four to six weeks, likely causing the St Paddy's Day Parade down Main St. to resemble the Iditarod more than a celebration of spring and Irish-American pride.  Or maybe I should relax and put a cap on my paranoid superstitions.  The truth most likely lies in its usual place, somewhere between the extremes. Read More 

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