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A Wild, Wild Deadline

The 2019 Major League Baseball trading deadline came in with a flurry and left like a tornado. Leading up to July 31st rumors were swirling all over the place, especially around the Yankees, whose pitchers were battered like a pinata over the ten days leading up to the deadline. They were knocked around at levels not seen since the 1930's Yankees. 

   That's going back "a bit of a while".

   The deadline rumors were so hot there was talk the Yankees and Mets might make a real trade, actually swapping starting players. The Mets and Yankees have never made a significant trade as each team is deathly afraid of being on the wrong side of sending Lou Brock or Nolan Ryan to a cross-town rival in exchange for players who end up coaching Division II baseball two to three years down the line. Read More 

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Summer Nights

   While a good deal of the month of July was encapsulated in a heat wave as bad as New Jersey has had in a while, for a few nights the Mendham Borough Park Summer Series cooled things off considerably, providing needed relief.

   Starting in mid-June and continuing through the beginning of August, Mendham Borough Park hosts music acts and movies every other Sunday night, with an occasional Wednesday night thrown in. Situated just over a quarter of a mile from the iconic Black Horse Pub at the corner of Main St. and Mountain Avenue, the park is a bucolic setting that serves well for a family outing on an invitingly warm summer evening. Be it a concert or a movie, one can't go wrong lounging in a beach chair or on a blanket while the various melodies fill the Mendham air. Read More 

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