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All Hail Junior

   I began playing corporate softball on a regular basis in my mid-thirties, after having only played once or twice since the glory days of keg softball in college. Similar to riding a bike, the limited skills I put on display during my college years came flourishing back. If not noticeable, they were certainly memorable. Especially when I landed flat on my rear-end as I backpedaled for a fly ball in right field. It was, unfortunately for my sake, not the only time I brought joy to the Mudville spectators. Read More 

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2nd Time’s a Charm?

What an unbelievable World Series the baseball world just experienced! The New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals, despite three of the scores ending up lopsided, played five exciting and close games. The Royals ultimately prevailed four games to one for their first World Series Championship since 1985. Similar to the Subway Series in 2000, when the Yankees beat the Mets four games to one (it was a lot closer than that), the box score didn't accurately tell the story. Read More 

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