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Accorsi Got It Right

   Three years removed from a Super Bowl appearance, one in wich they were slaughtered by the Baltimore Ravens, the New York Football Giants were one made field goal being missed, that beat their cross-town and stadium sharing rivals the New York J-E-T-S', from having the worst record in the National Football League in 2003. 

   Instead, they finished with the fourth worst record in what was considered, and ultimately proved to be, a quarterback rich 2004 NFL draft. It did not rival the 1983 NFL draft in projections, but it came oh so close to rivalling it in production. It too produced three quarterbacks destined for Canton. Read More 

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A Wild, Wild Deadline

The 2019 Major League Baseball trading deadline came in with a flurry and left like a tornado. Leading up to July 31st rumors were swirling all over the place, especially around the Yankees, whose pitchers were battered like a pinata over the ten days leading up to the deadline. They were knocked around at levels not seen since the 1930's Yankees. 

   That's going back "a bit of a while".

   The deadline rumors were so hot there was talk the Yankees and Mets might make a real trade, actually swapping starting players. The Mets and Yankees have never made a significant trade as each team is deathly afraid of being on the wrong side of sending Lou Brock or Nolan Ryan to a cross-town rival in exchange for players who end up coaching Division II baseball two to three years down the line. Read More 

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Summer Nights

   While a good deal of the month of July was encapsulated in a heat wave as bad as New Jersey has had in a while, for a few nights the Mendham Borough Park Summer Series cooled things off considerably, providing needed relief.

   Starting in mid-June and continuing through the beginning of August, Mendham Borough Park hosts music acts and movies every other Sunday night, with an occasional Wednesday night thrown in. Situated just over a quarter of a mile from the iconic Black Horse Pub at the corner of Main St. and Mountain Avenue, the park is a bucolic setting that serves well for a family outing on an invitingly warm summer evening. Be it a concert or a movie, one can't go wrong lounging in a beach chair or on a blanket while the various melodies fill the Mendham air. Read More 

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A Good Cause

   While the afternoon of Sunday April 14th was misty and a bit damp, it was warm and inviting inside The Pastime Club in Mendham, as local author Ron Felber read from and signed his latest book, 'The Radiant'. Read More 

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Broadway Joe Got the Led Out


    There are dates in history that roll off the tongue, are instantly recognizable. No explanation is needed. At the mere mention, everyone knows what you are referring to.

July 4th, 1776.

December 7th, 1941.

   Yet, certain dates are not quite as familiar, but are nearly as meaningful. Have had quite an impact on history. The events that occurred are instantly remembered as being significant.

   January 12th, 1969 is one of them. Read More 

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The Right, of Spring

   It was a beautiful, sunny, seventy-five degree Sunday afternoon as the 13u Go The Distance (GTD) Bulldogs, rostered with kids from Chester and Mendham, took the field at Gazebo Park in Chester for their second game of the year. While the boys were excited to be playing baseball after a long winter, they were especially thrilled as it was thirty degrees warmer than their home opener the previous Sunday, a game that was further dampened by a misty rain that fell during most of the seven innings. Running around playin' ball with your buddies, as God's great sun shines down, is one of the great joys of spring.

   Especially for a kid. Read More 

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The Attempt to Invert Inversion

As the recovery, to put it generously, from the 2008 economic crisis continues to sputter along, Wall Street and corporate America have once again become quite creative in their attempts to speed up said recovery. As is their want, the Street and corporate boardrooms seem to continuously find intelligent, aggressive ways to increase their bottom lines and spur growth, regardless of the economic or regulatory hurdles they may be facing. The latest trend, some derogatorily say fad, is the practice of inversion.  Read More 

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Traditional New York

Last week I met my buddy Don for a burger and a beer at The Old Town Bar.  Having served its first pint in 1892, The Old Town is New York City's second oldest saloon, right behind Pete's Tavern (which opened its doors in 1864). The Old Town is a classic place, with large wooden booths, detailed carvings in the wall, a crooked staircase to upstairs seating, and the coup de grace of old NYC bars: a huge, five-foot-high tub-like urinal. A trough some would say. Read More 

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So Long February, Hello March

The calendar has turned and we are one month closer to Spring. In recent years the first weekend of February has been a lot better than when I was a kid in the 70's and 80's. Back then the Super Bowl was usually played on the last, or second to last weekend of January. This made the first weekend of February feel as if I had fallen into the same well little Johnny tumbled into when he was rescued by Lassie. Read More 

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The Hall of What?!?

While it is true that some in the Hall of Fame of the four major sports are of dubious character, at a bare minimum they have been enshrined due to their excellence on the field or in the front office. Despite the fact it can be difficult to defend the morals of some who have been given plaques in Cooperstown, Canton, Toronto, and Springfield, all are deserving of enshrinement on at least some level.  Read More 

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