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Accorsi Got It Right

   Three years removed from a Super Bowl appearance, one in wich they were slaughtered by the Baltimore Ravens, the New York Football Giants were one made field goal being missed, that beat their cross-town and stadium sharing rivals the New York J-E-T-S', from having the worst record in the National Football League in 2003. 

   Instead, they finished with the fourth worst record in what was considered, and ultimately proved to be, a quarterback rich 2004 NFL draft. It did not rival the 1983 NFL draft in projections, but it came oh so close to rivalling it in production. It too produced three quarterbacks destined for Canton. Read More 

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The Hall of What?!?

While it is true that some in the Hall of Fame of the four major sports are of dubious character, at a bare minimum they have been enshrined due to their excellence on the field or in the front office. Despite the fact it can be difficult to defend the morals of some who have been given plaques in Cooperstown, Canton, Toronto, and Springfield, all are deserving of enshrinement on at least some level.  Read More 

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