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Vin Scully: There Truly Won’t Be

   It is proclaimed from the mountaintops every time a legend leaves the arena.    

   When Babe Ruth retired, the word of the day was nobody would ever hit more home runs than The Bambino. Along came Henry Aaron. Lou Gehrig was forced from the field by ALS and nary a one thought anyone would come close to tying his consecutive games played streak, let alone break it. Fifty-six years later Cal Ripken broke his record, eventually playing an additional three seasons to once again "put it out of reach". Or so it has been said. Read More 

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Some Have Forgotten

Numerous Yankee fans were a bit 'put-off', or at the very least not pleased, by their team's actions at the recently passed July 31st trading deadline. For the first time in a generation, 1989 to be exact, when "Ricky in the third person" Henderson was traded by the Yankees back to the Oakland A's, the Yankees were sellers at the trading deadline.  

   This put quite a few Yankees fans in a funk. Some are considered to be out of sorts to a degree. Read More 

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It’s Early, I Hope

   The great Yogi Berra (sorry, I'm not yet ready to say late great) famously said, among numerous other quips, "It gets late early out there." It's only twenty games into the season, but many in Yankee-land hope Yogi wasn't looking into the future at the 2016 Bronx Bombers when he uttered his classic remark. Read More 

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All Hail Junior

   I began playing corporate softball on a regular basis in my mid-thirties, after having only played once or twice since the glory days of keg softball in college. Similar to riding a bike, the limited skills I put on display during my college years came flourishing back. If not noticeable, they were certainly memorable. Especially when I landed flat on my rear-end as I backpedaled for a fly ball in right field. It was, unfortunately for my sake, not the only time I brought joy to the Mudville spectators. Read More 

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2nd Time’s a Charm?

What an unbelievable World Series the baseball world just experienced! The New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals, despite three of the scores ending up lopsided, played five exciting and close games. The Royals ultimately prevailed four games to one for their first World Series Championship since 1985. Similar to the Subway Series in 2000, when the Yankees beat the Mets four games to one (it was a lot closer than that), the box score didn't accurately tell the story. Read More 

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Chasin’ Ruben

There's nothing wrong with good, hard, clean baseball. It's admirable.  And expected. There have been enough recent examples of high paid ballplayers not giving it their all, that at times we yearn for some hardscrabble play. Almost all in today's game play the game the right way.   Read More 

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A Loaded National League

As the regular season has come to a close and the Major League Baseball Playoffs are upon us, it's tough to imagine a team from the National League not winning the World Series this October. 'Imagine', being the key word of course. Read More 

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Thanks Yogi!

It has been said on a number of occasions upon the passing of a beloved parent, "When I think of my dad I smile.  All of the good memories come flooding back and it eases the sadness of his passing."

   I am one of the many to have been blessed with this experience during a difficult time. My dad passed away almost sixteen years ago and I still find myself smiling when I think of him. I imagine, and certainly hope, it will be this way for the rest of my life. Despite my dad not being here, it is a truly wonderful gift to have been given.   Read More 

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162 For a Reason

   Similar to the wisdom passed on by mom and dad that is not appreciated until later in life, as the 2015 baseball has progressed the brilliance of the 162-game schedule has become more apparent on a daily basis. While this sounds like a lot of games and can feel like a long season at times, especially during the "dog days" of August the teams recently completed, this year the number of scheduled games appears to be spot on. As if it was divined from Mount Cooperstown by baseball's deity: Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Cy Young, etc.  Read More 

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New York, New York

What a wild ride the New York baseball teams took their fans on over the last week. Both the Mets and Yankees thrilled their fans, making them feel like they were racing around hairpin turns and riding the fastest roller-coaster at their favorite amusement park. Read More 

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