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America’s Birthday!

I can’t think of a better day to talk about baseball than July 4th!
Those of a certain age remember the Chevrolet commercial that had a particular take on a famous phrase, when they adopted the slogan “Mom, apple pie, and Chevrolet!”  Read More 
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Clinton at 150

   As I stood on the newly created plaza under a brightly shinning mid-day sun, with the Raritan River flowing over the Clinton waterfall to the left, and the iconic Hunterdon Art Museum in the foreground, it was difficult to not fully appreciate the sheer beauty of Clinton, N.J. as it celebrated its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary Saturday May 30, 2015.  Read More 

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Has it Sprung?

   As I sit here just over a week after the end of one of the more thrilling Super Bowls in history, the continuation of another tough winter in our beautiful little hamlet is starting to wear a bit thin.  While I am a believer in karma, one friend has said to the point of almost being superstitious at times, I dare say that while cold, the winter of 2014-2015 has not been as bad as last year's nightmare.  

   Of course I probably just jinxed the next four to six weeks, likely causing the St Paddy's Day Parade down Main St. to resemble the Iditarod more than a celebration of spring and Irish-American pride.  Or maybe I should relax and put a cap on my paranoid superstitions.  The truth most likely lies in its usual place, somewhere between the extremes. Read More 

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What Lies Ahead

   It was a beautifully clear, crisp sunny day in the center of the Hunterdon County seat.  Flemington was shining brightly this fine day. With the famous "Lindbergh" courthouse in the background, a stone's throw away, some hundred and fifty civic-minded residents of Hunterdon gathered in a bucolic park to close out the 300th anniversary of their beloved county.  Read More 

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